We have over 50 different wines available for purchase by the bottle. We make all our wines right on the premises from grapes grown in all the finest wine producing vineyards of the world. Although our winery may be small, we are busy producing over 1,000 cases of wine per year. We hand craft each batch of wine right on site.

We limit the distribution of our wines only to the restaurants and wine stores in the Hamburg area. The widest variety is and will always be available right here at our winery store. Come by and taste some wines and you will taste the difference. We truly are a local winery producing international wines.

Our tasting bar is open Tuesday through Saturday for your enjoyment. Please stop by and try some international wine from your local winery.

Our selection is ever changing. Here is a list of our favorites: Crowd Favorites

Interested in joining our wine club?  Exclusive events, VIP advance releases, and discounted prices are just a few benefits.  Click below to see what wines we explored in the N0vember release.

 Club Wine Descriptions 11 2014