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Supplies:  Ten Thousand Vines stocks the widest selection of winemakers supplies, juices, and equipment in the area.  Whether you need a beginner’s equipment kit and some tips to get started, or you are looking for some juice to make your next award winning wine, Ten Thousand Vines has what you need.  We are winemakers and we are here to help.

Fresh Juice In Season

Our winery contracts the pressing of most of our grapes to a nearby press-pad and bring in the resulting juice for our Spring and Fall batches.  We are careful to use only the top quality suppliers to provide these winery-grade juices.  If any of our home winemakers are interested in purchasing these same juices, we are happy to pass on the savings and the quality to you.  California and Italy sourced juices are available in September and Chile comes in April.  But your carboys don’t have to sit empty, we stock pasteurized juices all year long!

The harvest in South America was a bit of a challenge this year, but our indications are several varietals show indications of a small, but high quality vintage. Reserve your juice before April 12th to make sure you don’t miss out. We are projecting delivery April 20-22.

Chilean Reds: $78.99 per pail

Cabernet Sauvignon
Red Zinfandel

Chilean Whites: $69.99 per pail


$20 reservation deposit required.
We have two ways for you to reserve your fresh juices….

For your convenience, we now accept reservations and deposits on line.  This is the fastest and easiest way to make sure you get the juices you want.  Click here to reserve yours today.

Chile Cabernet Sauvignon, Deposit

Chile Malbec, Deposit

Chile Red Zinfandel, Deposit

Chile Chardonnay, Deposit

Chile Gewurztraminer, Deposit

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Or, You can download the reservation form, fill it out, and return it to the winery with your deposit.  Click here for our  Fresh Juice Form.


Resources for Winemakers  Here are some handy information for home winemakers.

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