Wild One-We know you will go wild for our new wild berry flavored Shiraz, all of the deep rich flavors you expect from Shiraz, with a spunky splash of wild berries.






Round-About Red-A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, it has it all…a full body, ample fruit, and a nice, friendly layer of oak.






Small World White- German Liebfraumilch makes this slightly sweet wine very easy to drink. Pairs well with seafood, and most creamy, light cheeses.






Small World Red- This Italian Valpolicella wine gets off to a ripe berry start with medium body.  It’s long smooth finish makes it our best selling red wine.  Perfect with a dish of pasta or fresh, hot pizza.






Raspy Red- White Zinfandel with a twist. This refreshing raspberry wine is the perfect sweet retreat.







Pinot Noir- The lighter body of this wine allows the fruity character of the Pinot Noir grape to shine, with plenty of cherries and berries.   Hints of vanilla and spice lead to a balanced oak finish.






Orchard Crisp- Imagine walking through a green apple orchard mid-summer, the sun shinning on your face, and a warm breeze in the air, and the smell of crisp fresh apples all around.  It’s kind of like that, and more.  We call it Orchard Crisp, and you can call it delicious!





Nektar- This is one of our most popular fruit wines, the pomegranate is first and foremost on the palate. Its not overly sweet, but stays true to its fruit flavor, best served chilled.






Just Peachy- Because maybe you want your chardonnay to have an extra kick of perfect peach flavor, we bring you Just Peachy, our peach infused chardonnay. Displaying the sweet and tangy flavors of peach and apricot, with the crisp acidity of Chardonnay!






Fields of Straw- With a base wine of Riesling, and the added flavors of freshly picked strawberries, fields of straw gets its name from its golden straw color.








Down Under Cab- Made from Australian grown Cabernet grapes.  With tons of fruit and oak flavors, this Aussie just keeps getting better with age.







Black Bear- Its made from a base of California merlot, and is certainly on the sweeter side. The flavors resemble blackberry jam, with a slight tartness.






thats amore 2That’s Amore- In the Valpolicella region of Italy, the very best grapes of the great harvest are set aside and dried in the sun to become raisins. It is with these raisins that Amarone wine is made. Our version is also made with raisins to build an incredibly rich and velvety smooth wine. Make any occasion special with That’s Amore.







traminer ausleseTraminer- Liquid gold in a bottle… made form German grown grapes (the mother of Gewurztraminer). Intense tropical fruit with hints of lychee, rose petal, and spiced pear.  Starts with an incredibly aromatic nose and finishes with rich layers of fruit.  Enjoy with Hawaiian pork or spicy Asian food.






Paradise- Picture yourself on a tropical island sipping a cold drink with an umbrella in it.  Suddenly you notice the subtle taste of pineapple and a hint of banana.  Welcome to  Paradise….