A Life Long Passion For Wine




Wines produced

Since 2008

Award Winning Wines

For over a decade we have been handcrafting small batch wines in the Village of Hamburg.  Our globally sourced juices from more than 15 countries are given a touch of local flair as we create the wines we are so proud to share with our community.  Over the past decade, we have released more than 400 wines and look forward to releasing many, many more.  From tasting room staples to seasonal favorites, there is always something new on the horizon in the winery.

Our Grapes

The quality of the grapes and the terrior from which the vines have grown are the utmost importance when producing great wines. When we select grapes for a particular batch of wine, we consider the varietal, the source country and region, as well as the projected quality of the local harvest, before bringing any grapes, must or juice to our winery.

Tasting Room

We believe that selecting a wine should not be stressful and it certainly should not be expensive. The best way to learn what types of wines you prefer is to taste a range of wines side by side. In our tasting room, you will be guided through a tasting flight by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We want to make your visit fun, educational, but also helpful.


Instead of producing large tanks of wine once a year from whatever is growing out back, we make a wide variety of wines in many small tanks all year long. Our batch sizes range from 5 to 30 cases of wine per tank and we have about 40 different tanks in process at any time. The unique methods we have developed allow us to offer a wide selection of wines ranging from special one-time batches to ongoing production of old favorites.


Our wines are sold primarily in our tasting room in the Village of Hamburg, NY.   We have more than 50 of our own hand-crafted wines bottled and ready for purchase. Beyond the winery, you will find a limited selection of our wines in local restaurants throughout Hamburg and the Buffalo Southtowns.  Our Vintage Buffalo series of wines can also be found at select local liquor stores.