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Quick Resources

Winemaking Log This is the log sheet we recommend all home winemakers consider using to keep track of their wine’s progress.

Yeast Selection Confused about how to select the right yeast for the job? This chart might help.

Winemaking Instructions Here are some simple instructions for winemakers who use our fresh-pressed juices in season.

Here at Ten Thousand Vines, we stock the widest selection of winemaking supplies, juices and equipment in the area.

From beginner kits to staples like bottles and corks, we have everything you need to get started and stay stocked as you continue your winemaking journey. We have a wide variety of shelf-stable wine kits to choose from year-round and also work with a nearby press pad to offer 6 gal. fresh juice pails twice a year.

Don’t see what you need? Let an employee know and we can special order what you need and have it available for pick-up at the winery.

If you plan to purchase anything (i.e. bottles) in larger quantities please call ahead so we can make sure we have it ready and waiting for you.


Seasonal Fresh Juice

 Our winery contracts the pressing of most of our grapes to a nearby press pad and brings in the resulting juice for our Spring and Fall batches. We are careful to use only top-quality suppliers to provide these winery-grade juices. If any of our home winemakers are interested in purchasing these same juices, we are happy to pass on the savings and the quality to you.

Due to poor weather conditions in both California and Italy, we are unable to source the quality juices our homewinemakers have become accustomed to.  At this time, we are not anticipating having any fresh juices available for sale in the Fall of 2023.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We remain hopeful that Spring juices from Chile will be available at a reasonable price.

Winemaking 101

If you love to drink wine, chances are you will love making it too! 

Winemaking 101 i  We have created to cover the basics of home winemaking and provide you with all the information and resources you need to start on your journey.

Each session takes place at our in-house winery, where you will be introduced to the equipment and techniques that home winemakers use in the process. Step by step, we demonstrate how to start, stabilize and bottle wine. These sessions are held periodically as interest is expressed. If you’re interested in attending one of these classes let one of our staff members know today!

Photos from April 2022 Winemaking 101 course, led by Mike Ditonto (Proprietor)

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