Not sure if home winemaking is for you? Enroll in one of our Intro to Home Wine Making Classes and we’ll walk you through the basic supplies while also showing you how to get started.

If you love to drink wine, chances are you’ll love making it too!

We are winemakers and we are here to help.

Here at Ten Thousand Vines, we stock the widest selection of winemakers supplies, juices and equipment in the area.  Whether you need a beginner’s equipment kit and some tips to get started, or you are looking for some juice to make your next award-winning wine, Ten Thousand Vines has what you need. We offer seasonal fresh juice as well as convenient prepackaged kits.

We are here to help you get started or continue along your winemaking journey!

Check out these resources to help you stay organized and get started on your next wine.
Winemaking Log  This is the log sheet we recommend all home winemakers consider using to keep track of their wine’s progress.
Yeast Selection  Confused about how to select the right yeast for the job?  This chart might help.
Winemaking Instructions  Here are some simple instructions for winemakers who use our fresh pressed juices in season.