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Corvina, Sangiovese

Italy, 2014

20 cases

Regularly $19.99, Club Price $15


Traditions run strong in Old World wine producers. A particular wine region tends to stay with the same or similar blends from year to year. In Italy, each wine region legally controls the grapes that may be used to produce wines bearing the government’s DOCG seal. In the Veneto region, the world reknown Valpolicella, Amarone, and Ripasso wines are all made with the Corvina grape. In Tuscany, Chianti Classico and Brunnello are both made with Sangiovese grape.

I respect and honor Old World wine traditions, particularly with Italian wines, but sometimes I like to push the boundaries a bit. Our Forte is taking the best of Old World traditions and reinterpreting them in an international context. Our Forte wine blends the noble grapes of two regions, Veneto’s Corvina, and Tuscany’s Sangiovese, to create a lush Italian super wine.

Forte is a deeply colored wine with intense aromas and rich flavors. Juicy black cherry dominates the palette with hints of cinnamon and vanilla in the finish. Lower tannins and full body create a texture which is round and velvety smooth. If you like Amarone, you will love our Forte!

Try pairing this wine with olive tapenade bruschetta or a flat iron steak.   Our Forte is at home with both traditional and modern classics.

Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon

California, 2013

10 cases

Regularly $24.99, Club Price $20


We have made many Cabernet Sauvignons over the years. Cabo Rojo from Chile is barrel aged and oaky. Down Under Cab from Australia is bold and structured. Cab Fare from California is fruity forward a soft. This new release combines all the crowd pleasing characteristics of these Cabs into a single bottle. Bold fruit flavors including cherry, plum, and black currant are supported by enduring tannic structure. The wine lingers on the palette and as the fruit fades hints of breakfast toast, spice, and smoke remain. This wine was aged in small American oak barrels to soften the tannins and strengthen the finish.

The grapes for our biggest Cab yet were grown in Lodi, California. Lodi is located in a valley east of Napa and has been producing wines since before the Civil War. Their hot summer days and cool nights are perfect for producing wines of power and intensity. Grapes mature to high sugar levels and low acidity, yielding higher alcohol, full bodied wines. Deep rooted vines give the wines added intensity and robust complexity.

This Cabernet Sauvignon is great with steak. Make sure you have a bottle handy for your holiday Prime Rib or a bacon wrapped filet. It also loves bleu cheeses and dark chocolate.


Gewurztraminer, Verdelho, Muscat

Australia 2015

20 cases

Regularly $18.99, Club Price $17


Fiore translates from Italian to “Flower” and it refers to the floral character this wine derives from the Gewurztraminer grape. This medium bodied white wine is off-dry, meaning it has just a touch of sweetness in the finish.

Often when several grape varietals are blended to make a wine, the unique characteristics of each grape can be lost or obscured. The opposite is true of Fiore! The main ingredient is Gewurztraminer and it lends the floral and spice characteristics. Next comes the Verdelho grape, which is known for its tart tropical fruits. It makes its presence known in the form of grapefruit, pineapple, and a hint of lime. Lastly comes the Muscat, which lends its grapy, round character to the finish.

All three varietals were grown in the Murray and Darling River Valleys of Australia. This region experiences long, hot growing seasons and requires irrigation for the vineyards. The soil in this region is primarily calcareous earth, which is high in calcium carbonate. Wines from the Murray Darling River Valleys are often reflective of the soil composition. Fiore is one of those wines, presenting a hint of minerality in the finish.

Fiore blossoms when well paired with food. The slight sweetness and spicy notes makes this the perfect selection with spicy Asian cuisine, such as curry dishes or Tandoori chicken. It would also shine as an accompaniment to a grilled breast of duck with an orange sauce.

Starry Night

Grenache Gris

California, 2015

6 cases

Regulary $17.99, Club Price $15


We are pleased to bring back Starry Nights after a short hiatus. This New World styled white wine is quite unique. It has a certain intensity about it, yet it is also fruity, and therefore approachable.

Starry Nights presents a very enticing aroma, with a combination of bright tropical fruit and a hint of perfumy wild flowers. In some ways, it smells like a Gewurztraminer without the spiciness. On the palette, it has powerful melon, grapefruit, mango, and perhaps some honey and banana. With all the fruit and floral characters in the nose and mouth, one may expect this wine to finish sweet. Starry Nights throws a bit of a curve ball, however, and finishes dry and fruity.

This wine is made from the little sister of the Grenache red grape. The Grenache Gris has a relatively thick skin, providing a touch of tannins to this white wine.   It also has very nice acidity, which combines with the light tannins to construct a great food wine. Its medium body and bright character pairs well with sharp cheeses, baked chicken, or grilled shellfish. It also would be a great selection for less spicy Asian dishes, such as chicken Pad Thai.

Naughty or Nice

White CranApple

10 cases

Regularly $14.99, Club Price $12


He’s making a list, and checking it twice…. Whether you were Naughty or Nice, you can’t help but get in the holiday spirit with our CranApple wine. This year we used a light Pinot Grigio for the base and sweetened it with apple and cranberry juice. The result is light and soft, with a round, sweet finish. I’ve been told that it may be one of Santa’s favorites. Don’t take any chances–make sure you are on the Nice List by leaving a bottle out for Santa and his reindeer! Pairs well with Christmas cookies….